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Warm Bodies Plot

R (Nicholas Hoult), is a young man facing the existential crisis that comes with being a zombie. Grunting his way through a post-apocalyptic world with the mindless hunger that plagues the undead, he is full of wonder and longing for the time that must have gone before. When the memories in one of his victim's brains affects him, he finds himself falling deeply in love with the dead boy's girlfriend. Julie (Australia's own Teresa Palmer) is a blast of colour in the dreary landscape that is the "life" of the un-dead. Their tense, awkward and strangely sweet relationship develops into something that will not only transform R but his fellow zombies and possibly their entire lifeless world. Warm Bodies introduces the Romantic Zomedy and ultimately proves that love makes us all human.


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Tweets From The Cast

Nicholas Hoult:

Teresa Palmer:

Rob Corddry:

Dave Franco:

John Malkovich:

Analeigh Tipton:


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