The Terms and Conditions will be changed frequently, so check back:

By contributing, commenting, editing, or chatting on this Wiki in any way, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions:

Editing and Contributing

Editing and/or contributing only to increase your number for edits is not allowed. Edits and contributions are checked frequently, so it will be noted. Pages with inappropriate content will be deleted right away. All contributions must be appropriate for ages 13+. Creating or editing short pages with no significant information is not permitted. You may not publish false information multiple times. No comments or opinions should be added on to pages, they should be written in the "Comments" section, or may be put in a blog or forum. Copies of pages, or pages with the same name, may not be created. Users must first search for a page they are about to create, if something similar is already there, the page cannot be made. If you are found doing any of these, all of your unpermitted contributions will be deleted, and you will be blocked for a minimum of one day by an administrator. If any of these are done a second time, you will be blocked for a minimum of three days. If warnings are disregarded multiple times, you may be blocked permenantly depending on the situation.


All comments must be appropriate for ages 13+. Most comments must be related to this Wiki. Minimal unrelated topics are okay and are disregarded. However, if other users complain about your comments, they will be removed and you will be warned by an admin. If warnings are not heeded, you will be blocked for a number of days depending on the situation.


All chat messages must be appropriate for ages 13+. Chats will be viewed by moderators, and other users may report about disrespectful or rude messages. If unpermitted messages are found or seen, you will be warned by an administrator. If warnings are disregarded you will be blocked for a certain number of days depending on the situation.


  • Warnings may NOT be disregarded.
  • Please report to an admin if you find any user doing these things.
  • Please view the Terms & Conditions often to take notice of any changes.

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